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Customers choice

Find the natural gas plan that's right for you

With Customer Choice you can choose whether to purchase gas from an independent gas marketer or your local natural gas utility.

Buying from a gas marketer

  • Natural gas is offered at a fixed rate over a fixed term of one to five years.
  • Rates remain the same for the duration of your agreement regardless of energy price fluctuations. This means the amount you pay over the life of the contract can be more or less than what you would be charged by FortisBC.

Buying from FortisBC

  • Natural gas is offered at a variable, market-based rate.
  • Rates are reviewed quarterly by the BC Utilities Commission (BCUC) and can be adjusted up or down to reflect current market conditions.
Learn more about these rates with our 
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Why would I buy from a gas marketer?
A fixed-term, fixed-rate agreement can offer benefits such as protection against market rate increases.

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Understanding your options
Find out everything you need to know about Customer Choice with this comprehensive information booklet.
A guide to Customer Choice (333 KB)
Frequently asked questions
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