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Mission Statement

Welcome To Rang DE INDIA, Japan’s Only Daily Indian News & Media

The project Rang DE INDIA was initially started in the third quarter of 2008. However, in its starting days, Rang DE INDIA was known by “Indians In Tokyo” ( The project was started with a view to make space for the friends of India & Japan. I did not have much in mind when I made It was a website made for the community. But very soon, I was amazed to find the gain in traffic, which compelled me to think even further on With the gain in traffic, I started brainstorming possibilities on how could be served better so that the website can in real terms offers a platform that can offer value to the society in large. Hence, I thought of changing the name of to “Rang DE INDIA”. The words Rang DE INDIA means “INDIA, LETS MAKE IT COLORFUL”. The idea behind changing the name was to give a broader sense of unity and also to extend the goodwill message from India, of India & by India to our friends worldwide. Keeping the objective in places, we went on developing further at our backyard from the early months of 2009. After months of rigorous work, went on live finally at in the first quarter of 2010. In 2011, Rang DE INDIA has approximately .3 million-page views on average every month and the web traffic are ever increasing. We are excited. For us, giving true color to Rang DE INDIA has become a mission. We have promised that we will work hard & ensure that Rang DE INDIA truly connects India with the Global citizens.

Presently, Rang DE INDIA is offered only within Japan at the URL The web portal intends to offer a platform that would connect Global Citizens from Japan with India. With the Free Trade Agreement between Japan & India that took place earlier on the 16th of February of this year (2011), the transfer of opportunities in every sphere of development between the two nations will quadruple in the coming 2 to 3 years. Indians count to about 25000+ in Japan as of January 2011. To keep up with the promises between the nations, Indians may surpass 100000+ by 2015 to execute the work for fulfilling the promises as led down by the leaders of these two nations. In this process, Rang DE INDIA will work as catalyst thereby keeping you informed with timely resources related to Japan & India. I shall suggest each one of you to visit Rang DE INDIA occasionally and see what Rang DE INDIA has to offer. In the coming days, we will offer Rang DE INDIA from the North America, U.K, Middle East, South East Asia and India. The essence behind the Rang DE INDIA initiative is to create borderless connectivity with India.

In Japan, Rang DE INDIA presently offers services as hereunder;
  • Daily e-Newspaper: e-Newspaper is offered in Multiple of thousands to Rang DE INDIA members, subscribers & also to the associates of Planet One International Inc. K.K. 90% of readers are corporate professionals and are living within Japan. News coverage includes prime Indian news followed partially by worldwide news. The service is offered absolutely free of cost. Subscribing to Rang DE INDIA e-newspaper will keep you timely informed with daily headlines from India. For free e-Newspaper, please SUBSCRIBE BY submitting your email in the “SIGNUP FOR NEWSLETTER” text area in the index page of
  • ADMARK: Newly launched pre purchase credit based advertisement solution for businesses that will drive & monitor advertisements and campaigns from Advertisers on Rang DE INDIA. Unlike traditional e-advertising, ADMARK had been custom made internally based on the philosophy of “WYSIWYG”. Detail usage analytics will guide you with the behavior of each advertisement and campaign listed on Rang DE INDIA.Traditional credit based advertisement are in general text based ads. ADMARK on the contrary will give you complete freedom to guide and describe the way you want your advertisement to be delivered. The key behind ADMARK is to give infinite opportunity to our advertiser and not to set limit to our advertisers from achieving their objectives. With ADMARK, you can list “N” number of ADS. You are charged for the credits used. In return, we shall take responsibility for localization of each and every advertisement listed on Rang DE INDIA. In a challenging & ever changing shifts in the value for money, ADMARK will give you the freedom for your unit being spent, whether it is a cent, penny, yen or Paisa. ADMARK IS TRULY COST EFFECTIVE NEW WAVE E ADVERTISING. Why don’t you take a look? We have it all for you.
  • Web Shopping: Web shopping on Rang DE INDIA is another way to offer our willingness to stick back to the objective of being united. Rang DE INDIA web shop is offered by our holding company Planet One International Inc. K.K. The name of the shop is “Planet One International Shop” and can be accessed at the URL for English language and at the URL for Japanese. The web shop is also available at The shop is gradually building its internal inventories and visions to go wide by the last quarter of 2011. Web shop presently have product from India. In the coming months, we will focus extensively covering products from South Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan & Sri Lanka. The storefront of Plant One International Shop is located close to central Tokyo, thereby making easy accessibility to the store. The shop is 1 minute away from Ojima station on Route 50 right across the street from Matsuzakaya Dept Store.

The above is a part of the initiative. We are constantly brainstorming to find the scope of offerings that can truly bring value to everyone. In this process, we need your assistance. Please suggest us ideas. We want to hear from you. In return, we will try our best to find scope to implement your ideas on Rang DE INDIA. Thank you,

Best Wishes & Regards,
Raj Adhikary, President & Founder
A Unit of Planet One International Inc. K. K
Rang DE INDIA web portal offers Indian and Japanese business affordable price for adding its business pages on its web portal in Japanese and English language. Our flat yearly membership fee of ¥ 46500 will allow you to list different business of your company under one account. For membership details, please visit;

Rang DE INDIA web portal offers Indian and Japanese business affordable price for adding its business pages on its web portal in Japanese and English language. Our flat yearly membership fee of ¥ 46500 will allow you to list different business of your company under one account. For membership details, please visit;
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