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An Interview by RDI TWF
Correspondent Gaurav Sharma

‘In no mood to be in relationship’

A National Award in her kitty and a four-year career where she has so far been mostly applauded for her powerhouse performances makes Kangna Ranaut one of the most enviable names. But Kangna is anything but complacent. She will be seen next in One Upon A Time In Mumbai in yet-another author-backed role. The actress spoke to TWF Correspondent Gaurav Sharma on her role, playing Madhubala and her personal life and more.


Kites didn’t fare well and your role and too was cut down to 10 minutes.

It was a good film but there wasn’t much I could have done here. I am disappointed that it didn’t fetch the desired results. Moreover, I knew that my role was that of a special appearance. It wasn’t a big role at all but again I was surprised to find my role almost cut down to nothing. Again, it was completely producer Rakesh Roshan and Anurag’s (Basu) decision because they were the ones who made the film.

Didn’t that disappoint you?

See, Anurag is a great friend of mine. He gave me my first film, Gangster, and it was a huge success. I did Kites because Anurag wanted me to do it and he was clear from the very beginning that my role is going to be a short one. Keeping that in mind, I don’t have any reasons to be upset.

In fact you have a National Award for Fashion to your credit now. That must have been a really encouragement.

Yes, I am really excited and happy after winning the National Award but I still think I have a long way to go.

But you have been tremendously successful in a short career.

(Laughs) I don’t see it that way. I feel lucky that I have done some good films, which makes me happy. At the same time I think I haven’t even given 10 per cent to Bollywood yet. I am hungry for good roles.

Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai is another big film up for release and you are opposite Ajay Devgn’s who is playing the iconic Haji Mastan.

It is a dream role. It’s something that I haven’t played earlier. Haji Mastan was a big fan of Madhubala but there was no way he could marry her. So he ended up marrying a smalltime actress who looked a lot like Madhubala. My character is modeled on both of them.

How was it playing Madhubala?

It was a tough job and a lot of research went into it. It’s not only my character but because the entire film is set in the 70’s a lot of research went into the looks of the film. It’s a very poignant story, a very serious one. And yes (Laughs) I am once again playing a serious role.

And how was it working with Emraan, your first co-star?

Emmy is a great friend and not only my first co-star. We really gel well but unfortunately, we don’t have any scenes together in this film but we would share a great rapport whenever on the set. He is one who used to take care of me and as usual played pranks and was mischievous on the set.

That has almost become a norm with you.

Yes but what can I do about it. It’s not that I like playing tragic roles only. I would love to do comedies too. But I don’t have a choice. So far I have been at the receiving end. I have to choose from whatever I have been offered so far. I don’t have a filmy background where someone will produce a film for me. I am still a small-town girl… my heart still beats for Shimla.

So you miss Shimla? How has life changed?

It has changed completely. I still miss my small home there, my friends. Every time I go back there a strange bond asks me to be there for some more time. But I can’t help it. It’s not because I am doing films that my life has changed. It’s very difficult earning a living in India. Had I not been doing films I would have been doing something else. My friends are doing the same. We are still in touch but as you grow up things change and you have to accept it.

You parted ways with Adhyayan Suman last year. Since then have you been into another relationship?

(Smiles) Oh no! I am happy with the way I am. I am not into any relationship and am only focusing on my career. I am not ready to get into a relationship anytime soon. Films are my only love.

So where do we see you next?

The good news is that I am doing comedy. (Laughs out). It’s Aneez Bazmee’s No Problem and then there’s a thriller, Knock Out.